Gifts of Giving

Each year, the Gifts of Giv­ing cam­paign invites com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers like you to sup­port the Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal Foun­da­tion in help­ing our hos­pi­tal pro­vide the best care to our com­mu­ni­ty. Your gift makes a pos­i­tive impact on the ser­vices our hos­pi­tal offers to patients in Laramie and the sur­round­ing region. We wouldn’t be able to do it with­out you.

thank you

Vince and Cheryl Bath
in memory of Gavin Purcell
Bob Beck
in memory of Dr. Debra Beck
Bill and Linda Biles
Donald W. Boyd
in memory of Margaret S. Boyd
Betty Carstens
in memory of Paul and Jim Carstens
Bill and Sharlene Castle
Nancy Fillion
Rex Gantebein and Judith Powers
in memory of Lou G. and Brigitte B.
Chuck and LJ Guthmann
in memory of Pauleen Guthmann Dolling and Peggy Guthmann Storer
Jim Johnston
in memory of Maggie & Gregg Jackson
Cheryl Kiefer
in memory of Charles Scott Kiefer
Steve Kramschuster
in memory of Kris Kramschuster
Maxine and Gerald LeBeau
in memory of our LeBeau, Softky and Strand loved ones
Jason Lillegraven
Shirley D. Lilley
in memory of Frank Lilley and Curly-Nina Wright and in honor of Family and IMH nurses
Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Mudsen
George and Zondra Markle
in memory of Calvin and Jean Hopkins
John McPherson
E. G. Meyer
David and Kimberly Miller
in memory of Frank and Lillian Miller
Charles B. Olson
in Honor of Elinor W. Olson, retired nurse
Stephen and Brenda Page
in memory of David Bott
Grandma Dot
in honor of Joshua Ryan Pantier
Joan Rector
in memory of Don Rector and Pete Samuels
Raymond and Bonnie Robertson
in memory of Steven Becker
Eileen Routson
in memory of Jack Routson
Alan and Roberta Schimek
in memory of Ann and Vince Sachse, and Lavern Schimek and in honor of Robert Schimek
Vincent Siren
in memory of Elmer and Elaine Rerucha
James L. Slater
in memory of Karol L. Slater
Amy Smith
in memory of Laddie and Lilas Smith
Jim and Kellie Southards
in memory of Dick Blakeman and Jim and Nancy Southards
Germaine St. John
in honor of all medical professionals at IMH
Donna Thompson
in memory of Jeff Thompson and Rochelle Moon
Joe and Nancy Vitale
in memory of our parents
Paulette Wagner
in memory of Agnes Cartwright
JT and Haley Walsh
Fred C. Waters
in memory of Lou and Jean Waters, Edith Turner, and Gregg and Maggie Jackson
Laurie Westlake
in memory of Mark and Lois Marquardt
Phyllis Whitmire
in memory of W. D. Whitmire
Robert and Kaye Willis
in memory of Andrew Willis and Amy Willis
In memory of Robert L. Kelly
If you are interested in partnering with any of the programs listed on this website, please contact the Foundation at 307-755-4520. We welcome discussions about other programs that are not on our website, but may be of interest to you.