Capital Construction

The lead­er­ship team at Ivin­son conducts routine scans of the commu­nity to make sure we are provid­ing the high­est level of care possi­ble for Laramie. As needs change, so do the needs for phys­i­cal space. The Capi­tal Construc­tion fund allows donors to partic­i­pate in special­ized spaces to provide specific services.

A recent exam­ple of fund­ing can be noticed in Ivinson’s new Medical Offices at Ivin­son build­ing. This build­ing houses over twenty providers, includ­ing specialty providers, in an outpa­tient clinic. The clinic is attached to the hospi­tal, stream­lin­ing coor­di­na­tion of care and improv­ing access to hospi­tal-based services like imaging.

If you are interested in partnering with any of the programs listed on this website, please contact the Foundation at 307-755-4520. We welcome discussions about other programs that are not on our website, but may be of interest to you.