Will (bequest)

A bequest is a gift from your estate – a trans­fer of cash, secu­ri­ties, or other prop­erty made through your estate plans. Remem­ber­ing the IMH Foun­da­tion with a bequest from your estate will help sustain and strengthen the hospi­tal for years to come, with­out less­en­ing your assets during your lifetime.

Char­i­ta­ble Remain­der Trust

A char­i­ta­ble remain­der trust allows you to convert a highly appre­ci­ated asset (such as a stock or real estate) into life­time income, with­out having to pay capi­tal gains or estate taxes. The remain­der of the assets are paid out to the char­ity of your choice at the end of your lifetime. 

Retire­ment Plans

Qual­i­fied retire­ment plan assets can be left to the IMH Foun­da­tion with­out being subject to the same income and estate taxes that they would be subject to if left to an indi­vid­ual. Naming the IMH Foun­da­tion as a bene­fi­ciary can be a great way to leave a last­ing legacy, while focus­ing more tax-favored assets to your loved ones. 

Insur­ance Policy

The most tax-effec­tive way to donate life insur­ance is to trans­fer the policy so that your char­ity of choice becomes the owner and bene­fi­ciary. If you name IMH Foun­da­tion as the owner and bene­fi­ciary, you are enti­tled to an imme­di­ate char­i­ta­ble deduc­tion for income tax purposes. In addi­tion, the policy is removed from your estate, which could mean signif­i­cant tax savings.

Char­i­ta­ble Lead Trust

A char­i­ta­ble lead trust is often seen as the inverse of a char­i­ta­ble remain­der trust. During the term of the char­i­ta­ble lead trust, payments are made to one or more desig­nated char­i­ta­ble bene­fi­cia­ries. At the end of the term, the remain­der of the trust is distrib­uted to non-char­i­ta­ble bene­fi­cia­ries, such as family members.

Char­i­ta­ble Gift Annuity

A char­i­ta­ble gift annu­ity allows a donor to trans­fer cash or prop­erty to a char­ity in exchange for a partial tax deduc­tion and supple­men­tal income over the period of the annu­ity term. At the end of the annu­ity term, the prin­ci­pal is left to the IMH Foun­da­tion as a legacy gift from the donor.

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