Women inCourage

Women inCour­age is an inspired group of women com­mit­ted to think­ing big about the future of health­care in Laramie, Wyoming. Qual­i­ty health­care helps com­mu­ni­ties thrive, and the mem­bers of Women inCour­age help fund pro­grams and pur­chas­es for Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal. This fund­ing cir­cle gath­ers quar­ter­ly at var­i­ous loca­tions through­out Laramie. Sug­gest­ed annu­al dues are $600 or $300 per mem­ber, but involve­ment is encour­aged at what­ev­er amount suits you. Dur­ing quar­ter­ly events, the group dis­cuss­es new ideas, inno­va­tions, prod­ucts, pro­grams, ser­vices, or oth­er pur­chas­es that could ben­e­fit patients at Ivin­son and the Laramie com­mu­ni­ty. A vote by present mem­bers occurs, and the Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal Foun­da­tion staff facil­i­tate the purchase. 

On Novem­ber 13, 2019, Women inCour­age fund­ed three essen­tial projects for Ivin­son Memo­r­i­al Hos­pi­tal. Grant appli­ca­tions were sub­mit­ted by Ivin­son’s Surgery/​Sterile Pro­cess­ing depart­ment, Fam­i­ly Care Unit and IMG Wom­en’s Health Clin­ic, all were approved by the Women inCour­age com­mit­tee. Women in atten­dance lis­tened to staff mem­bers from each depart­ment describe their project and how it will ben­e­fit the hos­pi­tal, staff, and patient care.

The Fam­i­ly Care Unit request­ed a Novii Wire­less Patch Sys­tem. This sys­tem allows preg­nant patients the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be active dur­ing their labor while the baby is being mon­i­tored. The fund­ing of this sys­tem pro­vides patients free­dom of move­ment with a belt free labor expe­ri­ence. This equip­ment empow­ers patients and is an asset to women in our com­mu­ni­ty who vis­it Ivin­son for their preg­nan­cy and labor care.

Surgery/​Sterile Pro­cess­ing request­ed spe­cial ortho­pe­dic instru­ments and stor­age con­tain­ers that will opti­mize staff time and help to pro­vide excep­tion­al patient care. The DaVin­ci Robot and Ortho­pe­dics will specif­i­cal­ly ben­e­fit from this pur­chase. The pur­chase also lessens the stress placed on staff for ster­il­iza­tion turnover time and will offer a bet­ter expe­ri­ence for patients overall.

The Ivin­son Med­ical Group Wom­en’s Health Clin­ic recent­ly devel­oped a new pro­gram, Stork Sup­port. Stork Sup­port pro­vides essen­tial new­born items to new moth­ers and fam­i­lies in need. The pro­gram pro­vides car seats, pack and plays, infant car­ri­ers, and oth­er essen­tials in a col­lab­o­ra­tive effort to sup­port new par­ents and keep new­born babies safe. Those who work in the clin­ic have com­ment­ed that staff moral has improved as a result of being able to help those in need and donate back to the community.

On behalf of every depart­ment with­in Ivin­son impact­ed by the gen­er­ous sup­port of Women inCour­age mem­bers, thank you. Thank you for con­tin­u­ing to be the dri­ving change to improve health­care in our community. 

To learn more about Women inCour­age please con­tact the Foun­da­tion at (307) 7554520

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