Women inCourage

Women inCour­age is a fund­ing circle designed to bring women of the commu­nity together to iden­tify and select special, inno­v­a­tive projects as requested by depart­ments at Ivin­son. The Women inCour­age member­ship meets quar­terly at vari­ous loca­tions around Laramie. During the last quar­terly meet­ing of the calen­dar year, the members take their annual dues and invest them into the projects they wish to see funded for Ivinson. 

An exam­ple of a project funded in 2017 includes the Art at Ivin­son program. Through Women inCour­age fund­ing, the Behav­ioral Health Unit and the Foun­da­tion Coor­di­na­tor worked together to paint a mural in the unit. Patients partic­i­pated in the paint­ing process and now the unit has a beau­ti­ful picture of the Snowy Range to enjoy.

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