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a message from our chair:

It has been over 6 months since Women InCourage last met.
I just wanted to send out a letter to let you know that
through the pandemic, the smoke, the zoom calls, we are…still here. 

Last year we achieved

# of Active members in 2019$ Back to IMH since 2017# of Projects funded since 2017

We have a new goal and project for our group for the coming year. With this in mind, as chair, I have suggested we move to select one project to fund moving forward, as many events do. The one waiting, which suits us to a tee, is the provision of mammograms for women who cannot afford them. This is an area that touches us all.

Women inCourage is an inspired group of women committed to thinking big about the future of healthcare in Laramie, Wyoming. Quality healthcare helps communities thrive. Members of Women inCourage support a funding circle that gathers quarterly at various locations throughout Laramie. During quarterly events, we discuss new ideas, innovations, products, programs, services, or other ideas for the betterment of women and the community. We ask our members to donate with a $600 membership (roughly the cost of one mammogram) or what you can give to join. Membership to Women InCourage is important as it bring a message of hope and unity to each other and the community. By providing these mammograms using our up to date technology and 3D imaging with the Digital Breast Tomography, women can receive lifesaving care. Women InCourage inspires, encourages, and uplifts the women in our community. 

What hit me the most was the courage we all have to call and the make appointment, the courage to go in and have that mammogram done, the courage to wait for the results, and then the courage to deal with whatever the results may be. We are Women InCourage. Be a part of this amazing group that can help change lives.

-Nancy English, Women InCourage Chair

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On behalf of every department within Ivinson impacted by the generous support of Women inCourage members, thank you. Thank you for continuing to be the driving change to improve healthcare in our community. 

To learn more about Women inCourage please contact the Foundation at (307) 7554520

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